Guildford FFF is live!


After much hard work negotiating with venues and film distributors, fundraising and organising, we have finalised the programme for the first Guildford Free Film Festival and all our events are live.

We are very proud of our diverse programme, which we’re showing in pop-up venues in the spirit of the free film festivals movement. We have a film in a library, a cocktail bar, a pub, a brewery and a shop. Not any old shop though- the building that houses it was the first commercial cinema in Guildford!

The festival kicks off with the town premier of a locally produced film that was shot in and around Guildford but hasn’t yet played here- why not come along and see what locations you recognise? And we finish with an all-day gala, with 2 films specially chosen for children in the afternoon, some fantastic local live music, and we sign off with Oscar winning Moonlight- let’s hope the DVD suppliers don’t send La-La-Land by mistake!

Whatever your support looks like, either by volunteering or just coming to support our events, we’d love to see you there.