Be part of Free Film Festivals

Free Film Festivals are completely run by volunteers. Each festival is always looking for more volunteers, so drop them a message through the contact page if you’d like to get involved, and they’ll get back to you soon.

What might you get up to?

  • Projection. Could you get involved in projecting films at our free events? No particular skills needed as long as you’re happy around a laptop, projector and PA.
  • Event planning & management. Would you like to plan a film event? Do you know a venue that might like to host a film screening? At Free Film Festivals we welcome people who want to create their own film events – feature films, documentaries, new films, filmmaking events. Our festivals are completely created by local volunteers.
  • Stewarding. Could you guide people at our larger events and help with collecting evaluation forms and shaking a bucket? Stewards always needed.
  • Filmmaking. Could you help to run a filmmaking workshop or organise a ‘meet the industry’ day or similar event to inspire new filmmakers? Read a filmmaker Tom Worth’s blog on how getting involved can inspire you as a filmmaker.
  • Marketing. From leafleting to social media, press, graphic design and website editing – our marketing teams are always looking for people to help with publicity.

It has been an honour to be involved in this year’s festival. It has been a pleasure to be part of such a supportive and appreciative environment.

Volunteer at The New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival

Get your film screened

Are you a filmmaker? Most Free Film Festivals organise short film nights and welcome new short films, particularly if they have a local connection.

The films screened at Free Film Festivals are not chosen from films submitted to us, so generally we don’t invite people to send us full length feature films with a view to them being screened at the festivals. If your film has a local connection however, feel free to contact the festival directly about having it shown.

If you have a feature film and want to organise your own screening during one of our festivals at a venue of your choice we could include it in the festival programme. See the contact page for details of how to get in touch with each festival.

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