Soldering iron saves “The Ladykillers”

2015-04-26 16.40.44Fahzan is one of our volunteer projectionists and spent several hours last Sunday taking apart one of our two mixing desks.

“I could solder before I could write”, Fahzan told me, having been taught as a young boy by his dad, who was an engineer.

Free Film Festivals is completely run by volunteers, and lots of their work goes on like this behind the scenes to make the festivals possible.

Fahzan’s skills were needed because one of the faders (volume controls) was faulty and needed removing and a new one soldering in its place, which meant taking the whole unit apart.

We have a small stock of projectors, PAs, screens and other gear which all seven Free Film Festivals can borrow or hire at low cost. Having volunteers who can help us maintain our equipment means we know it’s always in good nick.

The first use of the repaired mixer was at the Station Square screening of the 1955 classic Ealing comedy, The Ladykillers, at part of the Herne Hill Free Film Festival.

Peter Sellers’ and Alec Guinness’ comic dialogue came across loud and clear, thanks to Fahzan’s trusty soldering iron.

Projection gear at the Herne Hill Free Film Festival
The repaired mixing desk, now reassembled and ready to use again at the Herne Hill Free Film Festival.