About Us

So who are we, what do we do, and why?

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We are a community group that organises free neighbourhood film festivals, to encourage community involvement through film.

The first Free Film Festival took place in 2010 in Peckham and Nunhead, South East London, and the idea has spread from there.

Our festivals, which are completely run by volunteers, bring people together to enjoy films they might not have seen in places they may not have been. Each festival is run by its own group of volunteers, but with support from other festivals, including shared projection equipment.

If you’d like to start a Free Film Festival in your area we’d love to hear from you.


Our Aims

To create community-run film festivals in small geographical areas or neighbourhoods.
To bring people together from across the community to enjoy a great movie and celebrate their local area too.
To promote skills development by supporting workshops and filmmaking events, and offer volunteering opportunities so people can gain new skills and interests.
To create opportunities for local filmmakers to bring their films to a wider audience.

Our festivals in pictures

What people say

  • “A real treat on my doorstep.”

    “So good to have a community event that the whole family can enjoy together.”

  • “I’m proud of Peckham and Nunhead and the Free Film Festivals is one of the reasons why.”

  • “Wonderful festival. Excellent for the community as it brings people together from all walks of life.”

  • “Makes you see the whole area in a new light. Thank you!”

  • “It’s great because you get to stay up late and eat popcorn.”


Free Film Festivals is a constituted not-for-profit community group supported by a wide range of partners, who provide help with organisation, equipment, catering, venues, volunteers – and lots of their time!

We’re funded through grants from local authorities, for example, as well as through sponsorship by local businesses, crowdfunding, bucket collections and other welcome donations. It’s this fantastic support that means we can keep all our events free, so everyone can enjoy them.

For details of sponsors and supporters of each festival, please see that festival’s page.