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Saturday 09th September 2017

Directing Workshop

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INDOOR: Talent Factory

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We are delighted to bring Nigel Bristow back this year to be part of the Catford Free Film Festival once again. Nigel has directed over a dozen different primetime TV dramas. He has recently diversified into commercials.

With the explosion of ever cheaper cameras and editing software it’s never never been easier to make a film. But how do you use the technology to make the audience feel what you intend them to?
Whether you’re shooting on an iPhone with a budget of a fiver, or on 70 mm with a budget of £500 million the same underlying questions remain: What do you tell the actors? Where do you put the camera? Where do you ‘stick the scissors’? The answers to these three questions is the answer to the bigger question: How do you direct?

This half day workshop will explore practical approaches to answering these eternal questions, so that you have the right conceptual tools to make your audience feel what you want them to feel when they watch your films.

Talent Factory
12 Barmeston Road Catford , London , SE6 3BH United Kingdom

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