Your name in lights (ish) – would you like to sponsor #CWFFF22?

Help support the Charlton and Woolwich Free Film Festival

We’re incredibly grateful to all of our venues for donating their spaces to us to host the Charlton and Woolwich Free Film Festival (and if you’re able you can support them by buying a drink or snack where they’re on sale) but there are some unavoidable costs involved with putting on a free film festival and so, for CWFFF22 (9th to 17th September), we’re seeking sponsorship and donations. Can you help?

Screening licences

Each screening needs a licence (which costs approx £100+VAT for an indoors screening but is nearer £300+VAT for an outdoors event) typically from FilmBankMedia or other distributors. With six films already published (see details below), including an outdoors screening, that’s approximately £800 and we’ll probably have another open air screening and one more indoors (taking us to £1,200).

Old style film reel wheel
Image by M W from Pixabay

Temporary Event Notices (TENs)

For some of the screenings we need to arrange a TEN which we submit to Greenwich Council for consideration and they’re also pored over by the Police and others involved in keeping everyone safe, not overcrowded and not too rowdy – each TEN costs £21. Some venues run events anyway so they already have Event Licensing in place so we don’t necessarily need to pay for one for every single screening but overall it’s likely to add another £100 to the bill.

Young women in a cinema enjoying a film, with drinks and popcorn
Image by Amit Kumar from Pixabay

Then there’s the seating. For one of our events (not yet published, very exciting!) we’re hoping to hire a bunch of folding chairs, your bottom’s comfort being at the forefront of our minds (do bring cushions for the pews at St Luke’s!). We probably won’t see much change from £150 for that, plus van hire to transport all the ‘gear’ (screen, speakers, DVD player, projector etc) around between venues. We also pay a flat annual fee to the Free Film Festivals family for use and ongoing repair of the equipment and website hosting fees.

At the end of our screenings we always do a bit of bucket-rattling to encourage some coins from people’s pockets but increasingly people aren’t carrying cash (we are looking at machines that go ‘bip’). So… we thought we’d also ask before the festival starts in case there are organisations who’d like to partner with us on our screenings, or any others who are feeling generous.

If anyone would like to sponsor a screening, or contribute to one, that would be amazing! Please contact Gavin Eastly for more info (gavin [at], thank you.

Typewriter with a piece of paper emerging and the word DONATIONS written in text that is surely larger than the keys would actually permit
Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay

In return we can add your logo to our Festival page, mention you on the individual Event page and in our social posts about the event, and thank you at the event itself.

Our screenings are in wheelchair-accessible venues in SE7 and SE18, the films will be subtitled^ and you don’t need a ticket – just turn up, first-come, first-served.

The films

We’ll be screening the following films on the following dates at these venues –

  • Possible Mystery Film 1 at Mystery Venue 1 (Fri 9 Sep, tbc)
  • Possible Mystery Film 2 at Mystery Venue 2 (Sat 10 Sep, tbc)
  • THE APARTMENT at Charlton Assembly Rooms (Sun 11 Sep, 8.30pm)
  • PRIDE at The Star in Plumstead (Mon 12 Sep, 8.00pm),
  • DAD’S ARMY (1971) at Charlton House + a pre-film talk from war historian Clive Harris (Tue 13 Sep, 7.30pm (film))
  • TIMBUKTU at St Luke’s Church Charlton + a pre-film talk about the venue (Wed 14 Sep, 7.30pm (film))
  • Possible Mystery Film 3 at Mystery Venue 3 (Thu 15 Sep, tbc)
  • THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN at Shrewsbury House + a Bond-themed disco and quiz (Fri 16 Sep, 7.00pm)
  • DUNE (2021) at St George’s Garrison Church in Woolwich (Sat 17 Sep, 8.00pm) – open air screening.

Our full listing, and social pages are here:
Hashtag: #CWFFF22

^Where possible – sometimes the copy of the film we receive does not have subtitles but most do, for example last year the Sisters With Transistors DVD didn’t have them. We will do our best to make this info available in good time on our website and social pages.

Popcorn picture credit: Image by Devon Breen from Pixabay