Meet me in St Louis, film screening in St Catherine’s Church

The New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival takes place in April/May every year, but this year the team has been involved in putting on some events and screenings out of the normal festival time. This year we had a collaboration with the BFI and showed ‘Babylon’ at the Job Centre pub back in August; then in October, Jacqui curated a whole season of films for Black History Month which were chosen by members of the public.

On Friday 9th December we screened the Judy Garland 1944 classic ‘Meet me in St Louis’ in the atmospheric setting of St Catherine’s Church, New Cross. We had a nice festive crowd in, and served them mulled wine and beer, tea and mince pies. The film looked fantastic in bright sparkly technicolour and screened via Blu-ray.  The screening helped to raise funds for next year’s festival, which we are now planning.

To see an enlarged photograph, you should click on it.

Volunteers are welcome to join our next Festival planning meeting, which takes place at the Deptford Lounge at 7.30pm on Monday 16th January 2017.

Text and photographs by Hatty Uwanogho.